Our Story

Dearest Friends,

We are so excited to welcome you to Plays Well With Others!

It is our new line of timeless, wearable clothing that we think you will want to live in!

Instead of writing the typical "about us" page, we thought it would be fun to share our story with you intimately. After all, we have entered into the age of transparency; it's now essential for us consumers to have a relationship with the products we buy. It is important to us that you have some understanding of our process, inspiration, and goals. We want you to feel that you know us and that you can trust the products we make. And we want to know and understand you - a two-way dialog about style, fashion, quality, sustainability, is a wide-open door that you are welcome to walk through, anytime.

Let's dig in!

It's a sweet and empowering story; In March of 2017, Cristina and I reconnected at a small dinner party at my old Hollywood Hills Craftsmen. It didn't take long for us to start talking fashion. You know how it is, two clothing-obsessed apparel veterans and a couple of Spicy Margaritas and the "what are you dying over right now?" conversation is inevitable. Our exchange quickly turned into one about t-shirts. We both gushed about how much we love t-shirts. We agreed that a great t-shirt is essential for every wardrobe. When swapping notes on finding a great t-shirt, we concurred that a go-to t-shirt brand, one that aesthetically matched what we wanted to wear, did not exist. Cristina shared that her team was searching for t-shirts that they could easily pair with evening and Red Carpet clothing. Why weren't these t-shirts out there? And should we make them?

Margarita aside, the opportunity for Cristina and I to join forces was obvious. Though putting it all together, didn't happen overnight.

Making a top t-shirt line that encompassed all of our wishes was a serious business for us.

We dug deep into our fashion roots, brought out a lifetime of inspirations, talked about our childhoods, and our icons until piece by piece it came together.

Each collection has 15 to 20 t-shirts, with different t-shirt styles depending on the season. There are three categories of t-shirts; Fashion T-Shirts, Seasonal Selects, and Forever Basics. And starting in the Fall of 2020, other items, such as pants and sweats, will be added to the line, so to eventually make a full-service uniform for all.

Being a Conscious Brand was vital to us from the start.

Creating a female-driven, socially, and environmentally responsible company mattered the most. Bringing years of experience with us both, we wanted to create a company that would uplift not just ourselves, but our community as well. In today's world, it's about creating a Conscious Environment. We partnered with local Los Angeles based companies that have sustainable infrastructures and who also use fair-pay practices. We chose eco-friendly labels and packaging. We have agreed to minimize the use of plastics. A Conscious Living lifestyle is what we want to have reflected in every aspect of our business.

Our name, Plays Well With Others, is a reflection of our values as well. It's a fact that the perfect t-shirt plays well in every wardrobe. For us, it is also an attitude that we feel the world needs to adopt. We all need to play well with others - every race, every type of sexual orientation, and every size. We also need to play well with mother nature, our environments, and animals. We need to play well with everything around us by showing reverence for all aspects of life. This consciousness is an awakening of mind, body, and spirit. For Cristina and me, our ultimate goal is to share kindness and good-heartedness with the entire world.

So, again, welcome to our world! We are thrilled to have you on this journey with us! And, please enjoy Plays Well With Others!

Always yours,

P.S. Cristina here! Chiming in to say, please don't forget to send us your thoughts and questions. We want and look forward to your feedback! I'm so very excited to be dressing you all!

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