Conscious Practices


Plays Well With Others is committed to choosing conscious business and manufacturing practices. There are many choices in today's fashion industry, making it is easier than ever before to create a responsible business. We always strive to do even better and are open to making improvements as technologies and capabilities continue to change and advance. When designing and manufacturing our garments, we consider with care, how to reduce our impact. Partnering with companies who share our same ethos is also essential to us. We only partner with businesses that practice internationally- accepted environmental and human rights standards for responsible production. Our commitment to minimizing our environmental impact and achieving fair, safe, and healthy working conditions, throughout the supply chain, is our number one priority.


100% of our manufacturing is in Los Angeles, California. Our primary manufacturing partner is Keep It Here Inc. Keep it Here is a 100% sustainable factory. Their manufacturing philosophy fosters a healthy, local economy, bolsters national employment levels, creates a smaller carbon footprint, contributes less to pollution, and ensures that employees are treated fairly under the strict USA worker protection law. MATERIALS Plays Well With Others only uses fabrics milled in Los Angeles, California, and our primary mill is 100% sustainably certified. By sourcing locally, we minimize environmental impacts and ensure no unfair or unsafe labor goes into making our clothes. We also chose responsibly sourced organic, recycled, and regenerated materials, whenever possible. To maintain a sustainable supply chain, we make sure our suppliers take social and environmental standards seriously.



  • We use organic cotton for our labels.
  • We use 100% RECYCLED PAPER products.
  • We use bio-degrade poly-bags.
  • We use mailers made from recycled materials.
  • We are committed to zero plastic solutions.
  • We only use recycled plastic hangers or paperhangers.


Caring for your garments in the right away is a great way to reduce negative environmental impact. Handwashing remains the most energy effective way to wash clothing. By opting to hand wash clothes with cold water and hang them to dry you can reduce your energy consumption by as much as 149 kWh/ year, water consumption by as much as 7840 gallons/year (based on 5 gallons per load) and CO2 emissions by as much as 440 kg/year.


Hand washing your clothing is an easy way to extend the life of your clothing, as well. We suggest washing your items in cold water as it's easier on fabric and uses much less energy. And by turning them inside out before washing, you will save the color even longer.


Try hang drying whenever possible. Hang drying saves electricity and avoids fiber degradation.


Many of our natural fibers only get better with time, to get out minor wrinkles, hang your garment in the bathroom while you shower.


Nowadays, repairing clothing, especially jeans and t-shirts, makes them look cool. If you have a garment that needs fixing, please email us. We'd be happy to make suggestions on how to responsibly repair fashionably.


We want you to own your #PWWO clothing for decades. When something lovingly stays in one's closet over long amounts of time, there is reverence. When we purchase items that we don't want to immediately through away, there is meaning that is good for the soul and good for the environment.

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